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    Jamaican Mission History 1982 Part 1

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    Mission History It's been many years since I served in Jamaica. In fact I never served in the Jamaica mission... It was called the West Indies mission at the time.

    When I arrived in 1983 there were 6 missionaries on the island, 4 elders and 2 sisters. The sister were located in Mandeville the elders in Kingston and Maypen. They were the final sisters to serve on the island unless the policy has changed since then.

    I was called to the Florida Ft. Lauderdale mission and arrived in November of 1982. At that time Most of the West Indies were part of our mission including Haiti, Jamaica, Guantanamo Bay, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, the Leeward and Winward island groups. Dominican Republic and Puerto rico were there own missions. Some of the French speaking island were part of the French missions and missionaries from France were transferred there near the end of their service. About 6 months into my mission I was called to serve in Jamaica around April 1983. Also at that time Haiti became it's own mission.

    At our mission conference held in Miami that month the mission President Kenneth L. Zabriskie announced that the Ft. Lauderdale mission was to be dissolved and that Ft. Lauderdale would be part of the Tampa mission. He would be the new West Indies mission president. I was scheduled to leave for Jamaica in July/August 1983 and was working on getting my passport and working Visa to go to Jamaica. Pres. Zabriskie took about 20 missionaries from the Ft. Lauderdale mission with him. He set up the mission Home in Christchurch Barbados. I'll continue part 2 as time permit and memory returns LOL!

    How large is the Jamaica Kingston Mission?

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    General News I just got my mission call to the Jamaica Kingston Mission yesterday and I am super excited. I thought what a better way to learn about the mission that I am going to be serving in than to talk to return missionaries who have served there. I am to report to the MTC on August 8th, 2007. I was just wondering if Jamaica was the only island in the caribbean that this mission covers. Also, any other information about Jamaica would be much appreciated.

    Who is the most recent RM who has served in Jamaica?

    What Not to do in Jamaica by Sam Newey

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    RM\'s After seeing some of the more recent reports of Jamaica, I realized anything I had to say about the country could be highly outdated. I decided to offer some words of advice to future JKM missionaries.