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Dear Future JKM Missionaries by Ryan Mumford

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RM\'s Dear Future JKM Missionaries, My name is Ryan Mumford and I have been home from my mission for about 2 years now.
Dear Future JKM Missionaries, My name is Ryan Mumford and I have been home from my mission for about 2 years now. While serving in Jamaica, I grew both spiritually and physically. I probably grew physically because of all the good food and good people there. Anyway, when I first got on the island, the humidity was really thick. If I had a bar of soap, I think I could have washed my hands. My world had gone from a predominantly Mormon community, to a country who desperately needed the gospel. My first area was a place called Spanish Town, not far from the capital of Jamaica, which is Kingston. I got off to a good start because I had a really good trainer. He showed me the ropes, like when not to say "All Right Mon", or "Yes, Yes"! I learned that right after some local rude boys called us "Batty Boys". In Jamaican that means your gay, and they don't take kindly to gay guys around there. Of course as luck would have it there were a couple of white guys living in our area who were gay, and had moved there from the states so they always thought that we were they. Well, in my second area, I went to a place called Vineyard Town, which was known for all the trouble that happens down there. Vineyard Town is located in Kingston, and was very awesome to serve there. As time rolled on I had many great experiences, and even got to show the new mission president around the island for a week, because I was blessed enough to be called as an assistant to the president. The people there are the best, even the ones who don't care for missionaries much. I loved every minute there. I'm sure you've heard it time and time again, but working hard is the only way to be happy out there. You're blessed so much while you're a missionary. Don't forget it. Just a few more things- When I got there, and when I left, it was alright to bring Dockers Pants, as long as they were darker more conservative colors even though you can have pants made in Jamaica by really good Taylor's for really cheap. I think I came home with about 7 pairs of Jamaican made pants that I still wear to this day. Don't bother bringing the trench coat that it tells you to bring, it's not worth the weight. You will need the rain gear though. You can be dry one minute, and soaked to the bone the next during hurricane season. Anyway, that's about all I can fit into this little letter. I don't want to take up to much room, but if you want to know more, you can e-mail me at ryjan@netzero.net Until then, good luck and God speed. This article by Ryan Mumford Ryan served his mission in Jamaica in 1995-1996